Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So Sew!

I have been really wishing that I knew how to sew these days... I had been wanting to get Baby B a card table playhouse from Etsy {missprettypretty}, but she has stopped taking orders already for Christmas. Super cute right? {I am assuming that you have clicked on the link by now.} But way too intermediate of a project for me, even if I did run out and buy a sewing machine this week.

I also wanted to get a play/splat/splash mat to use for crafty projects and play-dough playing with Baby B. Most are made out of an easily wipeable and washable fabric such as laminated cotton. The ones by Mimi the Sardine are adorable, but hard to find in Canada. So, I have requested that Great Grama {or GG as Baby B calls her} make us one for his birthday. She is amazing with a needle and thread, and would gladly teach me if I had the time to learn all of her secrets.

I was also super-impressed when I visited a friend's Facebook page and saw a picture of two of her beautiful kids dressed up in the sweetest Halloween costumes ~Dorothy and the Tin Man ~ which she made!! How fun it would be to be able to customize Baby B's Halloween costume next year, I thought. But, alas, knowing me the costume would never be done in time!

So, until I get really motivated to learn a new trick, I guess I will just have to keep admiring the work of others!

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