Monday, November 23, 2009

I Love You Too, Mommy!

I don't think there is anything more rewarding for a parent then when your little one expresses their love to you! This weekend Baby B's favourite thing to say was "I love you too!" So, of course, hubby and I capitalized on this by telling him that we loved him a million times a day just so we could hear his sweet little reply! C'mon, it won't be that far down the road before he will pull out the "I don't love you!" in response to us telling him that he can't have or do something that he wants {just like the little princess seated at the table next to us at the Keg last night yelled at her mommy}.

Of course, he also said "I love this song!" while we were driving in the car listening to the Black Eyed Peas, so I suppose he doesn't completely understand the meaning of the words he is saying yet. But, still, it is exciting to watch him comprehend the world around him, and his own emotions. In the last few weeks Baby B has also said, "I so happy," "Don't be sad, mommy," and the best one yet, "Calm down, mommy." {Guess I need to work on my road rage...} We have not only noticed that he is learning the words to express how he feels or thinks someone else is feeling, but he has also become increasingly sensitive and moody as well. The great big quivering lip has been showing up a lot more often, and the angry face has made a few appearances as well. Terrible Twos and Threes here we come!

Guess I need to work on toughening up a bit! My goodness it's hard to stay upset when they are putting on those too gosh darn cute faces, and throwing out their Kid's Say the Darndest Things worthy quips! I often melt into a fit of giggles while disciplining him....

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