Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mmmmm... Nana Bread!

My apologies for the afternoon posts of late... I have been busy working on an assignment for the Event Marketing class I am taking. But, I just finished the assignment {or rather decided I'd had enough of it is probably more accurate}, and things should go back to normal around here. My husband will be happy to hear this news since I have had to let a few areas of the house get untidy {not dirty, just cluttered} while I have been focusing on the assignment, and I will now be able to get things organized again!

I was able to distract him from the mess for the last couple days with the yummy banana bread {or mmmm... nana bread as Baby B calls it} I baked. Yes, another success for me... I was able to replicate the banana bread that my mom and aunts make that my husband loves, and lucky for me Baby B enjoys it as well! The recipe I used is for Best-Ever Banana Bread from the Best of Bridge in case you were wondering. My family chooses to leave out the blueberries though.

Hopefully now I can start to focus more on my son's upcoming 2nd birthday and, of course, Christmas! Monday I will try to post my inspiration board for my son's Sesame Street themed birthday party! Friday's post is still a suprise {even to me ;)}... see you then!

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