Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review of New Online Shopping Sites

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the new group of online shopping sites that are popping up... you know the ones that offer a limited number of designer brand items at a discount until they are sold out. See the original post here. Well, back then I had placed an order with one of the sites, and now that my order has arrived I thought I would share my experiences with you.

Around the end of February I ordered some clothing for myself from Hautelook. It is designer name clothing, but a brand that I had never worn before. I ordered two tops, one dress and one pair of jeans. In terms of speed of service, the order did take longer than I expected to actually ship. I expect it to take a while to get here once it has been shipping since it is coming from the US to Canada, but it was over a week and a half before I was sent a shipping confirmation notice. I guess they must have a lot of orders to fill, so maybe I should cut them some slack.

However, the day after I received my shipping notice, I received another email stating that my order was not being shipped complete. In fact, one of the tops I ordered had been "short-shipped" by the supplier and I would not be receiving it at all... ever. This is not technically Hautelook's fault since the brand promised them a certain quantity and couldn't deliver. However, it is disappointing nonetheless. Hautelook refunded my money (probably not the same amount I had paid since the exchange rate had likely changed since then) and gave me a $20 credit towards my next order. At least they tried to make up for it.

On another negative side (totally not Hautelook's fault again), none of the clothes fit very well. I don't often buy clothes online unless it is a brand that I already have in my closet so I know my exact size, so perhaps I should stick to that!

In short, my advice is to to stick to what you know when using these fancy new online shopping sites... if you know you like the fit of William Rast jeans and know your size, then go for it! You'll save some money for sure... just don't get your hopes up too high in case there is a short-ship issue! And, be aware that you won't be getting them in time for that party this weekend if you live in Canada...

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