Wednesday, March 10, 2010

iphone, itouch, ijustdon'tknow...

It's my birthday this month and hubby and I have been discussing my gift. I really want an iphone, but I am having trouble justifying and digesting the cost. Did you know that Canada is the most expensive country to own an iphone in? The plans that are offered to Canadians are expensive when you consider what you get {most countries charge a similar monthly fee, but it includes unlimited data and downloads and/or unlimited talk as opposed to the common 500MB or 1 GB data plans and set number of minutes Canadians can choose from}.

I have mulled over the option of getting a blackberry instead, but it's really not that much cheaper and I won't be able to download all the fun apps. I really want the fun recipe apps my friends rave about. And I have heard rumours of an education learning app that turns your phone into a "toy" to distract a fussy toddler, while locking all other phone functions so that junior can't dial out or delete all your contacts while playing with your phone.

I also considered getting an ipod touch and just keeping my current cell phone, but then I don't get the email notifications on the touch and I can only use the internet when I am in a wi-fi supported area.

And if I do choose to get an iphone I also have to pick a service company. The lesser of all the evils, I just don't know?! And considering the speed at which technology is moving {and knowing my luck}, as soon as I make a decision a new generation iphone will come out and/or the prices will drop. Oh woe is me! Anyone have any tips?


  1. my hubby and i have had iphones since they were first released in the US... we adore them, as does our 2.5 yr old!

    in canada, the plans are tres expensive in comparison to what we had in the US, however, we have the basic plan, limit our usage, and i don't think it's much different than a regular plain ol' cell phone. {we are with rogers b/c that was our only option when we first moved to Canada}

    i have never used a blackberry however, i have family and friends who do. they're avid text-ers and also handle much of their email correspondence via their phone.

    i swear by apple. their customer service and tech support is second to none.

    lastly, the apps... oh the apps. i think my daughter has at least 3 "pages" worth of learning games. i can definitely vouch for it being a great learning distraction while we're grocery shopping etc. and the apps for us adults are fabulous and the library is continuously growing.

    what a biased comment, hey? what can i say...

  2. Biased or not I love your candid feedback! :) Thanks Sarah! If I get an iphone I will be asking you which apps to get for B!