Friday, March 19, 2010

I need to pluck my eyebrows!

I have been torn this week about my decision to work part-time as a contract event planner for a local event company. I am more stressed out than usual, and I have less time for my family and taking care of myself and my home. Even my eyebrows have been neglected to the point that I looked in the mirror yesterday and nearly started to cry at the site of all the "stray" hairs.

But, I enjoy event planning, and when I took the job I felt like this experience would really help me on my path to becoming a qualified and respected events professional. How do you ever know what the right decision is? I am one of those people who asks "what if..." a million times a day. I analyze every possible outcome and event after I make a decision I obsess about whether it was the right one.

I guess at least I only have a 6-month contract to fullfil and then I can decide what the best future for me {and my family} will be. I am so impressed by all the other moms out there who seem to have it all together and balance everything.

*** On a lighter note, a shout out to my little brother who had his quarter century birthday on Wednesday! He commented that I had never blogged about him, so now he can't say that anymore! ;) Love you "Uncle Reggie" from B! ***

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