Monday, February 8, 2010

No thank you cards? No problem.

It had already been a ridiculously long time since my son's 2nd birthday, and I found myself a few short on thank you cards this past week, so I sat down and got creative.

I went online to the Sesame Street website {to continue the Sesame Street theme from the party}, and printed off a couple of colouring pages of Elmo and Cookie Monster. Then I used my printer's re-size feature and shrunk the images down so that they would fit on some blank cards that I had left over from another project.

Then I grabbed my little man and some crayons and asked him to scribble all over the colouring sheets. I cut out the images, glued them onto the cards and wrote my messages to the Great Grandma's and Grandpa's and there you have it... a personalized thank you card to cherish! And a crafty, keep-him-busy-for-five-minutes project for Toddler B! One stone, two birds...

I know they aren't the most fabulous cards in the world, but when compared to the store-bought cards I sent to some of the guests, I kind of wished I had enough of these for everyone! They have character.

These would also make great Valentine's Day cards {with a fun Valentine's Day image and a red or pink card perhaps}. Just make sure you only ask the little ones to colour a few at a time or they'll get bored. Hint: An easy to cut out image will make things much less stressful and time consuming for you!

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