Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How puzzling...

My husband and I consider oursleves King & Queen of Television Watchers, especially in the winter months. We usually sit down on the couch as soon as our son is in bed, and proceed to watch 2 - 2.5 hours of television {which in PVR terms usually means 3 hour-long shows}. There are probably only a handful of shows that we don't watch.

This couch potato status, as you can imagine, doesn't do a whole lot for our relationship. Sure, we bond over a good episode of The Office that we both laugh hysterically through, but we aren't talking {especially since we skip commercial breaks} about our days, or what is going on in our 'separate' lives.

So, a couple of weeks ago my husband suggested that we needed to 'do something' together, and since - much to his dismay - I do not enjoy playing cards, my hubby ordered us a puzzle off of ebay. We started the puzzle almost immediately and have both become hooked. We work together {okay, we still need to work on this a little bit}, talk, and just spend time together. So far, it has been a really positive change for us. I am going to bet that we will be purchasing another puzzle soon... and maybe the TV will get a much-needed rest for a few minutes each night.

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