Friday, January 29, 2010

Easy to Get {Joyfully} Lost on Etsy!

I have spent a lot of time perusing the wonderful world of Etsy lately. It is so neat to see what the creative minds out there have come up with.

Some of my favourite things to search for lately have been custom photo cards {I wanted to do some thank you cards from my son's birthday, but I have been procrastinating and now I am almost past what might be considered proper etiquette for thank you cards}, party kits and printables, purses, recipe organizers, and contact cards.

The only thing I have actually ordered so far is the contact cards. I figured I could use them dual purpose, as mommy contact cards when we meet some new potential playdate friends, and also as a business card when I am dealing with suppliers and vendors while planning the dance-a-thon event.

I used Etsy seller IcingsPrints, and owner, Ais, was a joy to work with. Super pleasant, and quick to respond. I am looking forward to receiving my finished product. I chose a flexible package that IcingsPrints offers that includes 30 printed copies of the contact card, plus the digital file to print more later myself if I run out. Perfect for me. Plus, I was able to get two different designs {one standard business card rectangle, and the other a funky square shape}. Thanks IcingsPrints!

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