Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wife Confessions

While I have been truly amazed with the amazing blogs that I have found lately, yesterday I discovered that there are some pretty outrageous ones as well. Did you know that there are "anonymous" websites and blogs where wives are able to post confessions about their husbands?

It wouldn't be so bad if the majority of the confessions went something like this one I found: "I love that we still have so much love and affection for each other even after all these years. Sometimes I feel like we are still newlyweds and I pray everyday that that feeling doesn't go away." However, many of these confessions are about the horrible things that wives have done to their husbands ~ cheating, lying and other dirty secrets.

Does posting these things online somehow make the person feel better? Does it release the associated guilt in some way? I suppose there is comfort in knowing you are not alone, but in this context I think it is not healthy for the individual or the relationship. I hope that most of the posts are gross exaggerations, and these women are not running around sleeping with their husband's cousins or best friends.

I know some days it's tough to communicate, and you can feel as if you are not even in the same book as your husband, let alone on the same page. But, how can airing your dirty laundry on the internet make things better? The sites seem to be quite popular and they have received a few "awards," so reading/writing these confessions must do something for the women who are on there... an extreme reality soap opera of sorts.

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