Friday, October 2, 2009

Celebrating Each and Every Day

When I first started my blog, about a month ago now, I had read a handful of blogs before and was following a couple. Now I find myself enthralled with the vast numbers of creatively cool women that are out there blogging about things they love. I discover a new, exciting blog almost everyday. Topics range from DIY projects, home decor, and renovating, to motherhood, online shopping, and crafting.

While I don’t have the ability to follow each and every blog I find, I do make time for my new favourite site that I have subscribed to which is all about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart... events! {I love event planning and I am currently going to school one evening a week to get my Event Management Certificate from Mount Royal.} Michelle Stepp is the fabulous female behind “Everyday Celebrating,” and is an event planner in the Nashville, Tennesee area. I, quite simply, love reading her blog. I am fascinated by the stuff that she both finds and creates, and the events that she features.

I was super pumped when, after emailing Michelle to ask her about her fun blog header {which I love and hope to be able to emulate with my own one day when I have the skills}, and she got back to me – that very day! I am amazed that not only are the blogging women I find talented, but they are gracious and sweet too... and Michelle is no exception. When I emailed her back again to ask if it was okay that I feature her on here today, she was kind enough to say yes.

If you are as passionate about events as I am, or even if you just need some fresh new ideas for an upcoming family shin-dig, please check out Everyday Celebrating. I am positive you will be as hooked as I am after viewing the cute kabob invites Michelle found, or the fun Halloween ideas she’s rounding up. As Michelle’s concept implies, we should all celebrate each and every day... whether there’s an official reason to or not! Cheers!

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