Monday, October 5, 2009

Blissfully too Busy to Blog Today

Hi everyone! My apologies for the lack of Mother Monday post this morning... I was at an all day women's conference called the Business of Bliss... attempting to discover my passion and live a life I love. While I did enjoy the day (especially speakers Martha Beck, Danielle LaPorte, and the wonderful Peter Walsh), I did find the ticket price to be a bit steep for what was included. {Although, I really have no idea how much something like that would cost to put on, so I guess I can't truly comment.}

I also enjoyed chatting with a few of the women involved with Entrepreneurial Moms {}, one of the event sponsors. Check them out if you are interested... I am definitely going to look into joining since it always helps to have mentorship and guidance from others when you are looking to start something new in your life.

One day... when I get my act together and answer the questions that Danielle LaPorte {} says we should ask ourselves... such as "what is your relationship to life?" and "what is your core desired feeling?" Then maybe I will know what it is that I want to do and will be able to go after it, all with the support of other mom entrepreneurs!

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