Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Shocking Confession

Wanna hear a confession? I am an organization junkie, who is perpetually unorganized.

I adore storage containers and baskets of all kinds, and I pick them up wherever I go. The trouble is that I never know what to put in them. I can never seem to take the leap to getting things organized even when I have the space and supplies to do so. I make piles of things here and there until finally they drive me {or my husband} crazy enough that I put them away, or I simply move them somewhere else to bug me at a later date.

There are piles of mail and to-do lists {ironically often listing 'tidy up the to-do lists' on them} in my kitchen; stacks of magazines waiting to be read and manuals for my sons toys in the home office; and school assignments, coupons and other junk in a corner of nearly every other room in the house. I hide these things away when we are expecting guests, but drop-in unexpectedly and you will see my little quirk at it's worst.

I credit this habit to two things. First, genetics. My dad makes piles of stuff too. I love my dad dearly and he has been the most devoted father a girl could ask for. But, yes, he suffers from this affliction as well {do you suppose there is a name for it?}. Weirdly enough, I think it is kind of neat that we have this in common.

The second reason that I think I am a pile maker? I have the worst memory in the world. If something is not in front of my face, left out to remind me that it needs to be done, it will never be accomplished ~ another reason for the bazillion to-do lists. {I know that there are others out there who make lists of lists. I have read about them. They do exist.}

It's sort of ironic that my husband is a bit of a neat freak, and I am a clutter maker, but not really since we are polar opposites in many other ways as well. I know that my bad habit drives my husband crazy, and it torments me as well. I often find myself doing laps around the house looking for a spot to put something only to pile it up on top of some other poor item that is without a place to call home.

A place for everything and everything in it's place. My dream.

Any organization tips to share?

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