Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oops, I forgot...

Yep, it happened. I knew it would eventually... I knew that one day I would simply forget to write a blog post, and yesterday was that day.

It was not without good cause though. I dropped off the little guy at my mom's house in the morning because I had a dentist appointment, then took advantage my alone time and went to the mall and finished {jealous, Santa baby?} my Christmas shopping!!!

Today I have already baked banana bread for a special celebration with my bestest friends on Sunday, made some Christmas cookies, and started to decorate the tree.

We are celebrating Christmas with my hubby's family this weekend, then we leave for Mexico on the 19th, so I am going to be a busy lady over the next couple weeks, therefore no promise that my forgetfulness will not continue! Good luck with your own busy preparations!

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