Friday, December 4, 2009

Alternative Gift Cards

I have come to notice that more and more often people are resorting to gift cards as Christmas Gifts, especially for the individuals on their lists that they don't know very well, or "that person who has everything." Who can blame us, when the malls are getting crazy busy, and they make it so easy when you can pick up a gift card for just about anything at the grocery store?

I think that some recipients will surely appreciate a gift card to their favourite clothing store or an iTunes gift card where they can choose what they really want {especially teens}.

However, for those out there who, like me and my husband, see gift cards as basically exchanging cash with someone {what's the point, really?}, I think there are some "alternative" gift cards that are a little more personal, and more focused on allowing the recipient to have an "experience."

How about a gift card to a spa for your mom, sister, wife, or mother-in-law? Maybe consider passes to the zoo for your friend who has young kids, or tickets to the theatre/a concert for the couple who might like a date night? That way you are gifting something more valuable then a new sweater, it's time to themselves getting some relaxation, or time spent with those they love creating memories.

Extra bonus? Many of these alternative gift cards can be purchased online and then either mailed to you {or the recipient directly}, or printed right from home! Good news if you are in Calgary today where it is snowing and miserable.

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