Monday, December 7, 2009

Capturing the Moment

Yesterday we had Baby B's 2nd Birthday Party... it went really well. Lots of good memories with good friends, and most importantly, Baby B {or should I call him "Toddler B" now?} enjoyed himself!

My one regret? There are not nearly enough pictures!!! We took some pics before the party of the cake, table set-up, and decorations, which I will be sure to share in a post in the coming weeks, but we do not have enough pictures of the party itself.

It's on days such as birthday parties that I wish I had a photographer that followed us around everywhere capturing memories for my family. Of course, it's hard to expect that my husband and I will be able to find time between being a good host and hostess to ensure that a picture is taken of every guest, though we did manage to get all the major moments covered {Baby B blowing out candles, wearing a party hat, opening presents, etc.}. But, the pictures {especially the ones I took} certainly aren't professional looking.

These thoughts, which I was already contemplating this morning when I woke up, tie in nicely with the blog post I read on Simple Mom today entitled "Five Simple Techniques for Enhancing Your Images With Children." It is a guide to taking better pictures of your family written by a guest blogger who is also a professional photographer. Some great tips that will hopefully help me improve my photo taking skills in the future!

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